Want to know how your parents and staff feel about your school? Ask them!

  • Understanding the satisfaction levels of your parents and staff is critical to ensuring the success of your school. Are parents recommending your school to other families? Are you losing families for no apparent reason? Bright Minds Marketing can help answer these critical questions! For most schools, word-of-mouth marketing is the main tool for recruitment. Are you taking the time to ask parents what they are saying to others about your school? The best way to know what your parents think is to ask them. After all, happy parents will recommend their friends to your school!
  • Equally as important is the satisfaction of your staff. Are your teachers and staff happy? Do they feel like your school is a good fit for them? Are they satisfied with the school’s environment? Don’t risk losing good teachers because you aren’t aware of how they feel. Happy teachers are more likely to excel in the classroom, which translates into better educational outcomes. Knowing what your staff is thinking will help reduce turnover and create a better school experience. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity for reflection and improvement!

Why should you utilize Bright Minds Marketing to conduct your school satisfaction survey?

Bright Minds Marketing utilizes a systematic approach to understand the satisfaction levels of parents and staff. Our school survey for parents and staff includes validated questions that have been used by other schools and are designed to provide you with impartial feedback about your school. By using standardized questions, your school can easily benchmark and compare results year after year.

Best of all, our easy-to-execute survey takes most of the work off your shoulders! You will be responsible for the front-end communication to parents and staff, but Bright Minds Marketing takes care of the rest. We will compile and provide you with the school survey results, allowing you to create an action plan to address then specific feedback. By conducting the survey every year, your school will be able to track your progress annually.

Parents are more likely to respond and be honest when a third party is conducting a survey

You don’t have to spend the time crunching the data

Staff will only be honest if they feel that there is no way to tie their responses back to them

You don’t have to wait for the volunteer who promised to do this last week

You don’t have to create survey questions from scratch

You gain access to benchmarks to know how well your school performs against other, comparable schools


Depending upon your school’s needs

The Bronze survey consists of approximately 30 standard closed-ended questions that analyze your parent’s and staff’s perceptions of  the following dimensions:

  • Academic quality
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Student emotional development
  • Non-academic areas (extracurriculars, sports, etc.)
  • School communication efforts
  • Overall value, quality of education and willingness to recommend the school
  • Demographics

The Bronze survey also contains 3 open-ended questions that give parents an opportunity to describe your school’s strengths and weaknesses and provide additional comments. An added benefit is that your school will have access to Bright Minds Marketing’s database of survey for parent involvement in schools results from more than 350 schools. Using our benchmark data with over 200,000 responses allows you to understand how your school truly compares to schools that are similar to yours in size, faith or location.

The results of the Bronze survey are provided to you in a PowerPoint presentation, which will be explained in detail during a one-hour teleconference.

Cost: $2,000

to add staff to the survey +$ 250

Additional custom questions can be added at an additional charge.
A discount is offered for multi-year engagements.

The silver level survey offers all of the benefits of the bronze level survey (includes both parents and staff responses), but offers a greater level of custom analysis.The silver level survey includes:

 Subgroup analysisRegression analysisAdditional questions
Differences between:

  • Highly satisfied parents vs. lower satisfied parents
  • More tenured faculty (+2 years) vs. newer faculty (<2 years)
  • Parents newer to the school (< 2 years) vs more experienced parents (+2 years)
  • Parents who associate with the school’s faith vs. parents of a different faith
Multiple regression analysis is a very useful tool. The analysis pinpoints which attribute of your school is causing levels of low satisfaction. Gaining this insight allows you to focus on your customers’ largest “pain point”.You can add 10 additional custom school satisfaction survey questions. Close-ended questions will be included in the subgroup and regression analysis.
The Silver Survey also allows you to compare your results against the national benchmarks that Bright Minds Marketing maintains.You will get survey results in a powerpoint presentation. You also get an hour-long teleconference where we explain the obtained results.

Cost: $3,000

A discount is offered for multi-year engagements.

The gold level survey allows the client a full customized school marketing survey across multiple different audiences. The gold level survey is an ideal instrument if a school wants to get a full 360-degree view of all of its key stakeholders.

The school can utilize the 50 standard closed-ended questions and supplement this survey with up to 20 additional close-ended questions.

The school can also add unlimited open-ended questions to the survey as well.

All of the analysis that is offered in the silver option is available to schools choosing the gold level survey, including subgroup analysis and regression analysis.

Due to the extreme customization nature of this survey, it is recommended that you call for us to discuss this option for full pricing.

Cost: TDB

Choose Your Survey

Access to benchmarks


(Faculty at +250)
Parents and FacultyAny specific audience including:
# of standard questions3050Unlimited
# of open-ended questions35Unlimited
Number of additional
custom questions
No additional questions10 close-endedUnlimited
Subgroup analysisNoParents (highly satisfied
v.s lower satisfied)
Faculty (New / Old)
Parent (New / Old)
Parents (Part of faith / Not)
Any subgroup identified by the school
Regression analysisNoYesYes
Results presentationYesYesYes
Discount for multi-yearYesYesYes

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We have commissioned parent and staff surveys from Bright Minds Marketing for three years. These surveys have been instrumental in shaping our strategic plans and understanding what our parents and faculty are thinking. Bright Minds is easy to work with and accommodates changes or special requests. I highly recommend them.

Kyle Schmidt

Principal, St. Francis de Sales School, Lake Zurich, IL

Our small and rural (public) school district in northern Indiana just completed a climate survey working with Nick LeRoy at Bright Minds Marketing. Nick made this daunting task flow seamlessly and delivered timely, professional and in-depth data for our district to use as we strategically plan for the next five (5) years. I would highly recommend working with Nick and Bright Minds Marketing!

Lori Tilden-Geiger

Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation (Akron, IN)