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Is your school’s enrollment lower than it should be? Are you having trouble filling spots? Do you wonder why your school marketing efforts are not resulting in more students? Bright Minds Marketing has the expertise and tools to refine your Charter, Private, and Catholic school marketing plan and increase your school’s student enrollment.

Marketing plan for school enrollment by Bright Minds Marketing

Most schools don’t have a written marketing plan for school admissions. Sure, there are goals and targets and a fair amount of assumptions built upon anecdotal knowledge, but most lack a formal marketing plan based upon data, an understanding of your school’s environment and actionable goals based upon a well-designed strategy.

Recognized as our most popular service, marketing plan development and enrollment coaching is perfect for schools who want a comprehensive assessment, a specific and measurable plan, and coaching that is provided from planning through implementation. The program combines everything Bright Minds Marketing has to offer and results in the creation of a year-long strategy to increase your school’s student enrollment.

Services included with this valuable program are:

  • A comprehensive review of your school’s 5-year enrollment trends
  • Analysis of your competitive market
  • Surveys of your parents, faculty, and staff
  • Audit of your current marketing efforts
  • Review of your current digital presence
  • Evaluation of your recruitment activities through the use of a Secret Shopper
  • Development of a strategic plan and tactics

Once we fully understand your school’s current situation and challenges, Bright Minds Marketing will develop a well-defined, comprehensive plan to improve your marketing efforts and increase enrollment. We will work with your team to set clear objectives for the upcoming year and offer accountability by providing coaching calls every two weeks.

Catholic, Private, and Charter School Marketing Plan Components

Below is an overview of the services included in your year-long investment.

Month One 01

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Start to gather historical enrollment data
  • Develop the school communication plan for the satisfaction survey
  • Conduct the Secret Shopper service at the school
  • Complete a digital review of your school’s online presence
  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Complete a marketing audit

Month Two 02

  • Field the satisfaction surveys
  • Analyze school enrollment data
  • First coaching call
    • Present results of the Secret Shopper service
    • Present results of the digital review
  • Second coaching call
    • Present results of the key stakeholder interviews and marketing audit

Month Three 03

  • First coaching call
    • Present results of the surveys
  • Second coaching call
    • Present results of data
    • Provide a synthesis of all the inputs

Month Four 04

  • First coaching call
    • Discuss strategic plan
  • Second coaching call
    • Discuss tactics for implementation of the strategic plan

Month Five and Beyond 05

  • Coaching calls provided two times per month
  • Execute strategic plan and tactics

An investment in your school’s future, our Marketing Enrollment Coaching program is designed to pay for itself. The total cost is $16,000, making it feasible for schools of any size to partner with Bright Minds Marketing. Just think: if your average tuition or state funding is over $5,000, you would only need a three-student increase to cover the cost of the program. This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss!


Marketing Plan Development

In January 2016, Options Charter School hired Bright Minds Marketing to conduct a full market plan development project for their two charter schools in Carmel and Noblesville, Indiana. Options primarily serves students who have been unable to find success in the traditional public school. Though serving a significant need, they had struggled with enrollment for both of their campuses.

Bright Minds Marketing conducted a thorough and deep analysis of:

  • Current competitive environment
  • Marketing message and materials
  • Student feeder and recruitment channels
  • Marketing tactics

Because of the engagement and the quality execution by the team at Options:

  • Enrollment at the Carmel campus stabilized – up 2%, but more importantly diversified from 82% of students being seniors to 70%.
  • Enrollment at the Noblesville campus increased by 23% and based upon the recommendations, the school added a middle school to increase student feeders.
  • Options was better able to engage in referral conversations with the local school systems because they were better able to describe the student who would be a good fit at Options rather than the traditional “alternative school” student.

Marketing Plan Development for 4 Feeder Schools

Bishop Chatard High School is a Deanery Catholic High School in the northern Indianapolis suburbs. In June 2016, Bishop Chatard hired Bright Minds Marketing to conduct marketing plan development for four of its’ feeder schools: St. Pius, Christ the King, St. Matthew, and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Bright Minds Marketing conducted a thorough and deep analysis of:

  • Current competitive environment
  • Current parish and school dynamics
  • Marketing message and materials
  • Student feeder and recruitment channels
  • Marketing tactics

Each school had slightly different needs and slightly different results:

  • St. Matthew. St. Matthew struggled to clearly differentiate itself from all the other school options in its area. Armed with this insight, the school began to create a healthy living program throughout the school to provide an additional differentiation from its competition.
  • St. Pius. St. Pius struggled to “close the deal” with parents who had toured the school. By implementing our recommendations, we increased closure rates from 64% to 86%.
  • Christ the King. We identified the school’s inability to secure lower grade students. The school implemented a pre-school and increased outreach to the local pre-school students.
  • St. Thomas Aquinas. The school implemented a consistent word of mouth program through our recommendations that resulted in more consistent messaging both within the parish and to external audiences.

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Options Charter Schools runs two campuses in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis.  Even though our schools have consistently been at full enrollment, we wanted to have an expert set of eyes on how to improve our marketing effectiveness.  We hired Bright Minds Marketing to conduct a strategic review of our marketing with an emphasis on deepening our understanding of our current students.  Nick was able to help us clearly identify our target students and offered tactical recommendations to reach these students and their parents more effectively.  Our experience with Bright Minds and Nick LeRoy has been incredibly positive and I would highly recommend Bright Minds Marketing.

Mike Gustin

CEO Options Charter Schools, Noblesville, IN

Nick felt like a member of the team.  He put a spotlight on the data we needed to start making decisions.  His recommendations provided the foundation we needed to be able to create a sustainable marketing strategy

Ed Seib

Principal, Christ the King Catholic School, Indianapolis, IN