Improving the tour process


Our client was a PK-8 private school located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. The school headmaster had a constant desire to improve the school, which was reflected in the school’s outstanding academic environment.

The school had done a good job of marketing on its own, especially considering they were competing with some of the top private schools in South Carolina. However, they understood that they were too close to their enrollment process, and there might be things they were missing that only an outside perspective could offer.


Bright Minds Marketing conducted a secret shopper analysis on this client, along with two competitors, to provide a benchmark for the school. From the first initial web inquiry, through confirmation emails, a tour, and follow up, we analyzed all the critical steps that a school must get right to increase the number of enrolled students. By benchmarking the client against its competitors, we were able to understand where they were out-performing their competitors and where they were falling short.

Many recommendations were small process tweaks, designed to improve the totality of what was already a strong process. However, these small tweaks can turn an average tour experience into an outstanding one—which makes all the difference when competition is strong.


The client felt that these changes resulted in the enrollment of at least 1 more student. At full tuition, the Return on Investment (ROI) for hiring Bright Minds Marketing for a secret shopper was 7:1.

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