Developing a full marketing plan


An Indianapolis K-6 charter school opened their first year with lower than expected student enrollment. Though the school had a unique value proposition, they missed their enrollment targets for the year. They faced several challenges, including having no dedicated marketing staff and participating in a common enrollment system where they knew that they would lose visibility to prospective parents. This year was critical for them to succeed in enrollment, but they didn’t know where or how to begin.


Bright Minds Marketing conducted a full analysis to identify the areas of opportunity for the client. This included a deep dive into their environment (competition, neighborhood trends, potential feeder opportunities) and customer perception issues (focus groups, stakeholder interviews, staff and parental satisfaction surveys), as well as a full marketing audit (website, social media, collateral information) and recruitment process analysis (secret shopper).

As a result of our work, they were able to create a compelling story that resonated with their target parent. They expanded their promotional activity to ensure that the target parent was exposed to their story multiple times and in ways that were compelling; thus, encouraging visits to the school. By improving their tour process and ensuring a consistent follow-up cadence, they gained confidence that parents who toured the school either enrolled or left with a positive impression.


27% increase in total enrolled students

49% increase in kindergarten enrollment

This client has maxed out their facility and is maintaining waiting lists for several grades.

Additionally, they now understand the power of knowing what their customers (families) think about their school. They have implemented a standard yearly satisfaction survey and use the results to tweak their approach every year.

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