Marketing Operations

school volunteers

Energizing your school volunteers

There are many things that all schools have in common, whether they are public, private, charter, preschool, grade school, or high school.   All schools put their students first and work toward educating and supporting them. All schools are lively, busy, and full of...
parent orientation

Building a new parent orientation program

You’ve done the hard work of marketing your school, telling your story, and you’ve attracted a fantastic group of new families to join your school community. Congratulations!   Now the work of helping these families know they made the right decision and filling them...
school website

3 Best Practices for Building a Strong School Website

In a perfect world, schools would sell themselves. But with so many choices, education styles, and learning environments, it can be difficult to stand out.  Enter the school website.   In a barrage of options, a well-built school website can be a beacon. Offering...