September 2018

school enrollment

Letting Parents Try Before They Buy Your School

I recently purchased a new car. My old 2003 Honda Pilot was on its last legs and the cost to repair the AC was more than the car was worth. So reluctantly, I started shopping for a new (used) car.  In shopping for my car, I performed several of the same steps that...
Charter Schools in Indiana

The State of Charter Schools in Indiana

In 1991, the first law allowing public charter schools was passed in Minnesota.   Today, more than 3.2 million students attend over 7,000 public charter schools in 44 states and Puerto Rico.  Public Charter Schools are excelling in educating students with public...
charter schools in Indianapolis

How should charter schools in Indianapolis maximize Enroll Indy

Thirty years ago, the process for selecting and enrolling in a school was very easy. Parents would send their child to the neighborhood public district school, or if they had the means and/or desire would choose to apply to a private and/or parochial school.  With the...